Desmodium gyrans DANCING PLANT (7 seeds)


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Dancing plant, telegraph plant, Desmodium gyrans or Codariocalyx motorius is a perennial exotic plant of the Fabaceae family just like love tree or tamarind tree.
It is a sensitive tropical plant that has the particularity of dancing, moving to the sound of music.
It comes mainly from the grasslands of Asia.
Telegraph plant is very little known despite its unique feature in the plant world.
Its flowers are pink in late summer. The stems of this plant are fine.
Dancing plant seeds, of which oval, of black color, they resemble those of the sensory plant.

Desmodium Gyrans has the particularity of reacting and moving continuously to the sound of music.
In addition to being unusual, she will be more receptive to soft and continuous music.
Its leaves and leaflets are moving.
Its name for a dancing plant comes from this unique peculiarity.
It is really a rare curiosity of nature just like sensitive plant or giant moving herb who have leaves in movement by simple contact.

Sowing telegraph plant seeds:

Start by soaking Desmodium gyrans seeds for 12 hours in warm water to remove the dormancy of the seeds.
Then, prepare peat pots previously moistened and bury the seeds under 3 to 5 millimeters deep and then water gently with a hand sprayer.
Finally, it will be necessary to put the culture in a warm place where the temperature will have to be between 30 and 35 ° c.
Ensure that the substrate is always moist. the ideal is to bring a mini-greenhouse.

Germination of Codariocalyx motorius seeds lasts about two to four weeks, it is possible to wait until the end of May for sowing.

Once dancing plant seeds have sprouted, let the dying plant grow until they are 15 cm tall.
It will repot in larger pots and find a very bright location.

  • Rare seeds.
  • Average growth.
  • An unusual plant that dances, reacts to the sound of music.
  • Blooming roses in summer.

Also available in pack of 500 for wholesaler.
Seeds of unusual and amazing plants to grow indoors or in mild climate.



Plante très étonnante

Se cultive facilement en intérieur.

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Une plante très originale

je connaissais le Mimosa pudica mais celle ci pas encore.

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Desmodium gyrans DANCING PLANT (7 seeds)

Desmodium gyrans DANCING PLANT (7 seeds)


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