Mimosa pigra GIANT MOVING HERB (10 seeds)


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Giant Sensitive also called Mimosa pigra is part of the Fabaceae family just like Mimosa pudica or Albizia.
This variety is native to South America, tropical America and has now become very widespread in Asia as well.

It is a shrub legume, which can reach up to 4 m in height.
Its stem is greenish in young plants, but becomes woody over time.
This leaves are sensitive and fold up when touched and after dark.
Its flowering is purple or pink during the summer period.
This seeds are brown oval like those of exploding cucumber or Ephedra.

It is closely related to Mimosa pudica (much more common variety).
We simply differentiate it because it is much larger than the Mimosa pudica.

The ideal time to germinate giant moving herb seeds is from the end of May to the end of July when temperatures are warm enough.
To begin, soak them in hot water for 24 hours to break dormancy and thus speed up the germination process.
Then, bury them in a pot or box 0.5 cm deep and tamp down.
If possible, use a slightly acidic, fine and aerated substrate.
Water the crop gently with a hand sprayer.
Place the box in a greenhouse at a temperature between 30 and 35°C.

Germination will generally begin 3 to 5 weeks after sowing.

When the seedlings are 10 to 15 cm high, they will need to be transplanted into pots separately or placed directly in the ground in a mild climate.

  • Rare species that can measure up to 4 m high.
  • Purple or pink flowers during the summer period.
  • Reproducible, untreated seeds.

Unusual plant to grow in the garden or in a pot.


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Mimosa pigra GIANT MOVING HERB (10 seeds)

Mimosa pigra GIANT MOVING HERB (10 seeds)


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