Cucumis metuliferus HORNED MELON (15 seeds)


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Kiwano, horned cucumber or horned melon is a tropical plant of the family Cucurbitaceae.
Cucumis metuliferus is native to Africa and Arabia).
It is a creeping plant that produces fruit the size of an eggplant, its fruits are called kiwano.
Horned cucumber is called horn melon because it has many rounded pikes.
His skin is orange, he has the distinction of having his flesh neon green.
Kiwano seeds are yellow and elongated, like those of claus melon.

Kiwano an edible fruit very rich in antioxidant.
This antioxidant keeps blood vessels and nerves healthy. It also helps to neutralize diseases of the body, thus protecting against serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease and others.

Horned melon Helps with weight loss
because it is composed of more than 80% of water.
Although its fat content is low, the nutrients it contains help keep the body healthy.
In addition, the juice has a taste of banana and hardy kiwi.

Horned cucumber has high levels of vitamin A that significantly improve eye health.
The vitamin E contained in its fruit is known to slow the onset of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.
It is full of vitamins A and C and antioxidants.
It is thanks to these essential nutrients that it is possible to stay young, inside and out. They help keep the skin healthy and reduce wrinkles and age spots.

Sowing horned melon seeds:

Sow kiwano seeds in a box of horticultural compost, then bury the seeds under 1/2 cm deep.
Gently spray horned cucumber seeds with a sprayer.
Finally, place kiwano culture in a warm place at a temperature close to 30 ° C, a mini-greenhouse will be perfect.
Germination of horned cucumber can take from 3 to 5 weeks.

  • Exotic fruit very rare.
  • Fluo green flesh totally unusual.
  • Easy to grow in the garden.
  • Sweet taste rather amazing.

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Tres original et sucré

Le kiwano est vraiment original, il a la saveur de banane avec la texture du fruit de la passion.

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Cucumis metuliferus HORNED MELON (15 seeds)

Cucumis metuliferus HORNED MELON (15 seeds)


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