Astrophytum asterias STAR PEYOTE (10 seeds)


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10 STAR PEYOTE seeds (Astrophytum asterias)

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Astrophytum asterias called also star peyote is an attractive, spineless cactus also known as a Sand Dollar Cactus, a Sea Urchin Cactus, and also as Star Peyote.

Star peyote are typically small, often 2-6 inches in diameter and usually 1-2 inches tall.
In the wild, they flower throughout most of the summer season.

The Taharumaras peoples of Mexico used star peyote as well as the Pachycereus or the Coryphantha as a substitute for a small Mexican round cactus.

Sowing star peyote seeds:

Sow your Astrophytum seeds with the smothered, this consists of sowing your seeds in a box, kind of tupperware of fine soil + sand in equal parts, to spray water and then to close the lid.
Place everything in the heat of about 25 to 35 ° C and light.
Once germinated, wait until they are 1 cm high, then place your seedlings of star peyote in separate pots.




reçu très bien emballé et signalisé +++ Je suis ravie de ma commande .

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Astrophytum asterias STAR PEYOTE (10 seeds)

Astrophytum asterias STAR PEYOTE (10 seeds)

10 STAR PEYOTE seeds (Astrophytum asterias)

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