Passiflora incarnata PURPLE PASSIONFLOWER / MAYPOP (5 seeds)


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Passiflora incarnata or maypop, purple passion flower, true passionflower, wild apricot, and wild passion vine, is a fast growing perennial vine with climbing or trailing stems.
It is a perennial that disappears completely in cold winter months before resuming in the spring.
It is one of the most rustic passionflower with blue passion flower.
The passion fruit or granadilla are much less rustic and demand to be paid in the winter.

Traditionally, the fresh or dried whole plant has been used as a herbal medicine to treat nervous anxiety and insomnia.
A small clinical study suggested that in the form of a tea it may improve the subjective quality of sleep.

The dried, ground herb is frequently used in Europe by drinking a teaspoon of it in tea.
A sedative chewing gum has even been produced.

Sowing purple passion flower seeds:

Sow your maypop seeds in small cups separately.
Use a fine potting substrate.
Cover with 5 mm your seeds of purple passion flower.
Finally, place your small cups in a greenhouse to make your seeds rise more quickly, ideal temperature: 25, 35 ° c.

  • Fast growing perennial climbing plant.
  • Produces beautiful purple flowers in summer.
  • Plant with medicinal properties.
  • To be hoisted along a fence or pergola, full sun exposure.

Do not consume without medical advice.
To be cultivated as a medicinal plant.



Les graines ont germé en 1 semaine! Excellente qualité

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Passiflora incarnata PURPLE PASSIONFLOWER / MAYPOP (5 seeds)

Passiflora incarnata PURPLE PASSIONFLOWER / MAYPOP (5 seeds)


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