Ribes josta JOSTABERRY (plant)


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Jostaberry also called Ribes josta in Latin is a hybrid plant between a blackcurrant and a gooseberry of the Grossulariaceae family.
It is a fruit shrub 2 meters high by 2 meters in diameter at adult size.
It is a non-thorny shrub unlike goji.
Its seeds are black, rather elongated, like those of the strawberry tree or honeysuckle.

Its edible fruit, Jostaberry is used for fresh fruit salads, jams, sorbets and red fruit cuts.
Its taste is very fruity, less acidic than redcurrant, its black color is close to that of blackcurrant.

Jostaberry, plant 10 to 20 cm high, delivered in a clump with beautiful roots.
Plant it in a 3 liter pot with good horticultural soil after adding a few clay balls to drain the bottom of the pot.
Water gently when planting then place the crop in a sunny location.
It is also possible to transplant it directly into the ground in autumn or early spring in an area full of sun but not hot so as not to dry it out.

  • Very rare variety.
  • Hardy shrub, produced from the third year.
  • Huge product.
  • Ideal for making a hedge.
  • Supports the waist very well.




Fruit agréale a un inconvénient : tombe tous seul lorsqu'il est mure

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Ribes josta JOSTABERRY (plant)

Ribes josta JOSTABERRY (plant)


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