Lycium barbarum WOLFBERRY, GOJI (plant)


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Goji, also called wolfberry in Latin, appears in the form of a small shrub a few meters high.
Its stems are thorny.
Its red, sometimes orange fruits look like small elongated olives called goji berries and are widely consumed in Asia for their sweet taste.
Its beautiful summer flowers are purple in color.

Its growth is rather slow at first, but once established, its growth is rapid.

In Asia it is used as a medicinal plant.
Nowadays, this fantastic fruit has widely made a name for itself and is recognized for its various virtues, just like the fruits of sea buckthorn.

Consuming too much of the fruit can lead to stomach aches.
Its fruits generally appear after 3 to 5 years on an individual from the seed.
Here, from cuttings, fruiting will be much faster.

Goji, live plant 10 to 25 cm high, delivered in a plug with beautiful roots.
Transplant it into a 3 to 5 liter pot with good potting soil rich in organic matter.
Drain the bottom of the pot well with clay balls to avoid any water stagnation, pack it well when planting then water thoroughly.
Then find a semi-shaded place for it.

Being very hardy, it is also possible to place directly in the ground in autumn or at the very beginning of spring in a semi-shaded place, or even directly in full sun.

Fruiting takes place on the wood of the year, so it is advisable not to cut it back too much to have a good harvest.

Also available in packet form for sale to sow.




Extra en plein soleil avec un fond de sable et la suite en mixte sable + terre & crottin de cheval en surface de 2 ans pour attirer les vers de terre. Feuilles ou baies : tout est bon !

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Lycium barbarum WOLFBERRY, GOJI (plant)

Lycium barbarum WOLFBERRY, GOJI (plant)


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