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PAPAYA seeds

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Papaya, papaya tree or Carica papaya is a tropical fruit tree of the Caricaceae family.
Papaya tree has a rather imposing and persistent foliage.
It is native to southern Mexico but is now found in most exotic countries.
Carica papaya is usually grown for its fruit called papaya.
It is a big yellow tropical fruit whose interior is orange.
Papaya seeds are black the size of those of exploding cucumber or flame lily.
In cosmetics, papaya acts as a soft, natural gum with softening and smoothing properties.
It destroys dead skin cells without affecting healthy cells.
The whole plant contains an enzyme papain.
Papain has been used for thousands of years in its native South America to tenderize meat.

In traditional medicine, papain papaya is sold as a dietary supplement to treat heartburn like chia sage.
Papain paste is used to treat skin diseases and corns as well as jellyfish burns as it destroys the toxins contained in their venom.

Sowing of papaya tree seeds:

Start by soaking the seeds of papaya for 24 hours in warm water, then bury the seeds under 0.5 cm of substrate consisting of fine soil more sand, it is necessary that the substrate is well draining.
Finally, gently water the papaya crop and put it under a mini-greenhouse or directly in a greenhouse at a temperature close to 25 to 30 ° C.
Carica papaya seeds usually germinate after 3 to 4 weeks.

  • Very beautiful tropical plant.
  • Sweet fruits, produces a lot.
  • Plant with multiple medicinal properties.

Do not consume without medical advice.
To be cultivated for its edible fruits only.
Seeds, tropical and exotic plants on sale to grow under greenhouse or in mild climate.



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Carica papaya PAPAYA (10 seeds)

Carica papaya PAPAYA (10 seeds)

PAPAYA seeds

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