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Phyllostachys pubescens GIANT BAMBOO / BAMBOO MOSO (10 seeds)


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10 MOSO BAMBOO / GIANT BAMBOO seeds (Phyllostachys pubescens)

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Moso bamboo, also known as giant bamboo or Phylostachys pubescens is a herbaceous plant of the Gramineae family.
He is from Asia, mainly from China.
Moso Bamboo is a kind of giant grass that measures 20 m in height in its country of origin.
The diameter of its stems can reach 25 to 30 cm, its color is green.
There is also bamboo with yellow stems such as Bambusa arundinacea also called spiny thorny bamboo.
It is very hardy and easily resists to very cold temperatures, down to -20°C.
Bamboo stem has the particularity of being rot-proof like the male bamboo. (who never rotten)

Giant bamboo fiber is quite rigid and can be extracted and used in the production of textiles such as kenaf, papermaking, kitchen components and floor coverings.

Sowing of Moso Bamboo Seeds:
Soak giant bamboo seeds for 12 hours in hot water.
Then, bury the seeds of Phyllostachys pubescens, the feather duster upwards under 2 cm deep in a box of seed potting soil.
Finally, moisten the substrate with a hand-held sprayer and place the crop under a greenhouse or in a place at a temperature of 25 to 35 ° C.
The moso bamboo seeds usually germinate in a few weeks.

  • Original giant bamboo.
  • Resists very well cold.
  • The bamboo cane is rot-proof.
  • Very nice variety of bamboo to grow.
  • Give an exotic side to the garden.

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Graines germées sans difficulté

J ai planté mes graines de bambou moso dans un mélange de terreau et de sable.
Les graines ont germées en 2 semaines.
Graines de bonne qualités.

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Phyllostachys pubescens GIANT BAMBOO / BAMBOO MOSO (10 seeds)

Phyllostachys pubescens GIANT BAMBOO / BAMBOO MOSO (10 seeds)

10 MOSO BAMBOO / GIANT BAMBOO seeds (Phyllostachys pubescens)

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