Datura stramonium JIMSON WEED (plant)


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JIMSON WEED live plant (Datura stramonium)

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Datura stramonium, also called jimsonweed is a plant from Europe of the nightshade family.
It is an annual plant that has trumpet-shaped flowers.
Its flowers are 10 to 15 cm long and white in color.
Its foliage is very fragrant.
The jimson weed fruit is a chestnut-sized ball with many thorns.

This plant has been considered since ancient times as a magical plant associated with black magic and witchcraft.

It was used in North America for healing and in black magic to travel to the underworld.
In India, it is mainly used as an aphrodisiac plant.
In the ancient continent, stramonium was used by wizards and witches during esoteric journeys.

Planting and care:

Jimson weed live plant 10 to 20 cm high, delivered in a plug with beautiful roots.
When you receive the jimsonweed plant, transplant it into a large 4 liter pot then water thoroughly during planting.
Place your pot in a semi-shaded place for a few days to acclimatize it well, then in full sun. Water well in summer.

For growing in the ground, plant it in a full sun location, water generously.
When planting, it is advisable to add a little potting soil.

  • Easy cultivation.
  • Very beautiful white flowers.
  • Fruits shaped like a prickly apple.

Do not consume, dangerous and toxic plant.
To be cultivated only for the collection of esoteric plants.

Also available in the form of a sowing packet.



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Datura stramonium JIMSON WEED (plant)

Datura stramonium JIMSON WEED (plant)

JIMSON WEED live plant (Datura stramonium)

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