Atropa belladonna DEVIL'S BERRIES (plant)


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DEVIL'S BERRIES, DEADLY NIGHTSHADE live plant (Atropa belladonna)

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Deadly nightshade, devil's berries or Atropa belladonna is a European perennial plant of the Solanaceae family.
Its leaves contain alkaloids.

In Italy, women put drops of its sap in their eyes, which caused the pupils to dilate.
This custom was used to seduce boys more easily.

The plant was also used as a medicinal plant.
Its fruits are used as a dye plant for making the color purple.

Planting and care:

Deadly nightshade plant 5 to 20 cm high, very robust, delivered in a plug with numerous roots.
As soon as you receive the plant, transplant it into a 3 liter pot of horticultural soil, water lightly then place your plant in a semi-shaded location to acclimatize it properly.
You can also plant your devil's berry plant directly in the ground in a semi-shaded location.

Flowers and fruits from the first year.
At the end of the year, cut everything that is dry to about 10cm from the ground.

  • Ethnobotanical and esoteric plant.
  • Very hardy and perennial.
  • Very beautiful purple flowers in summer.
  • Small decorative but toxic black fruits.

Toxic plant.
Do not consume without medical advice.
Intended exclusively for plant collections and medical research.
Also available in bag for sowing.




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Atropa belladonna DEVIL'S BERRIES (plant)

Atropa belladonna DEVIL'S BERRIES (plant)

DEVIL'S BERRIES, DEADLY NIGHTSHADE live plant (Atropa belladonna)

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