Luffa cylindrica GOURD LUFFA SPONGE (10 seeds)


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Gourd luffa sponge, loofah also vegetal sponge is a climbing plant of the cucurbitaceae family.
Flowering is yellow in summer.
It produces fruits that can be edible young and are cucumber-shaped, much like horned melon.
Fruits once seeded have the peculiarity of producing plant sponges.
Loofah seeds are black, elongated and flat, they resemble those of the orchid tree or snake gourd.

There are two modes of use, either gastronomic or useful:
In Reunion there are many recipes, the young fruits of loofah can be eaten in saute with chicken or shrimp or stew.
If fruit becomes too mature, its pulp will be fibrous and inedible in this case, it will serve as a vegetal sponge.

To make a vegetable sponge from Luffa, you will have to do this:
As soon as the fruit of loofah begins to mature, cut the end and empty all seeds and flesh.
Then it will be necessary to let the vegetable sponge dry before using it.
Sponge squash will be used in everyday life to do the dishes or wash in the shower.
Shelf life of a vegetable sponge is 2 to 3 years with daily use.

Sowing Luffa seeds:

We must begin by soaking the loofah seeds for 24 hours in warm water and then plant them under 1 cm deep in small pots separately.
Then water moderately when planting.
Finally, it is advisable to place the sponge squash jars in a warm place at a temperature close to 30 ° C.
Gourd luffa sponge seeds will not germinate if the temperature is lower.
Germination of vegetable sponge seeds can take from 3 to 6 weeks.
During transplantation, it will be necessary to train the loofah plants.

  • Plant and use 100% organic and natural.
  • Easy culture, no special maintenance.
  • Request little maintenance.

Interesting plant seeds for sale to cultivate.



graine de Luffa

je cherche des graines de Luffa

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100% de reussite

Toutes mes graines de luffa ont germées en quelques semaines.
Croissance très rapide en pleine terre.
A recommander.

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Plante très interessante

Cela fait quelques années que je cultive cette courge éponge végétale pour en utiliser ses fibres.
C'est une plante sans entretien particulier que je conseil.

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Luffa cylindrica GOURD LUFFA SPONGE (10 seeds)

Luffa cylindrica GOURD LUFFA SPONGE (10 seeds)


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