Azadirachta indica NEEM TREE / INDIAN LILAC (5 seeds)


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5 NEEM / INDIAN LILAC seeds (Azadirachta indica)

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Neem, Azadirachta indica, Indian lilac or neem tree is native to India belonging to the family Meliaceae.
Indian lilac is up to thirty meters high and more than two meters in circumference in its habitat.
Its flowers are very fragrant and purple and white colors.
Azadirachta indica seeds are yellow and oval like those of peanut.

Neem tree produces a poisonous alkaloid to make a dreaded insecticide with fruits.
Azadirachtin would be completely harmless to humans and warm-blooded animals.
It blocks the metamorphosis of the larval stage to that of adult whiteflies, thrips and aphids, and paralyzes its digestive tract.

Azadirachta indica is also used as a toothpaste just like the siwak tree, its antiseptic benefits make it a formidable agent against tartar.
Neem oil is obtained after cold pressing of the seeds.
Clarification is needed to hope for a product of acceptable quality.
In medicine, neem oil is used for its antiseptic properties, for dermatological and respiratory care.

It is a sacred tree in India, used for over 2000 years in Ayurvedic medicine and considered a protective tree in traditional Indian culture.
The burning of dried leaves of neem allows mosquitoes to be hunted from homes as well as lemon verbena or tansy.

Sowing neem tree seeds:
To start, prepare a pre-wetted peat dish, plant Indian lilac seeds under 1/2 cm deep, then cover the seeds with the substrate.
Water with a hand-held sprayer after tamping the soil.
Finally, place your seed box in a warm, humid place.
The temperature during germination of neem seeds shall not be less than 27 ° C.

- Very beautiful fragrant flowers.
- Tree with multiple uses.

Asian plant seeds to grow in mild climate or indoors.
Do not consume without medical advice.



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Azadirachta indica NEEM TREE / INDIAN LILAC (5 seeds)

Azadirachta indica NEEM TREE / INDIAN LILAC (5 seeds)

5 NEEM / INDIAN LILAC seeds (Azadirachta indica)

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