Lagochilus inebrians INTOXICATING MINT (5 seeds)


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Intoxicating mintTurkestan Mint or Lagochilus inebriansis a plant of the Lamiaceae family just like purple shiso or Lemon balm.
It is found mainly in the steppes in Central Asia.
Its slightly sweet smell is very characteristic.
Its flowers are white of small sizes.
Seeds of Lagochilus are brown, they resemble those of Honeyweed or klip dagga.

The Tajik, Tartar, Turkmen and Uzbek peoples of the steppes of Turkestan made an infusion with the dried leaves of Lagochilus inebrians.
The leaves are often mixed with stems, fruits and inflorescences.
The whole plant is exhilarating.
Sugar or honey is usually added to this drink to relieve its bitter taste.

In medicine, Turkestan mint has sedative and calming properties as well as hops or California poppy.
It is also used for the treatment of allergies and skin diseases.

Sowing Lagochilus inebrians seeds:

Sow your Turkestan Mint seeds in a box of fine soil mixed with fine sand.
Cover the seeds with 1 to 2 mm of substrate and then water gently with a small hand-held sprayer.
Finally, place the tray in a warm place at a temperature of at least 25 ° C.
Intoxicating mint seeds usually germinate after 4 weeks.

  • Easy growing plant with slow growth.
  • Does not tolerate excess water.
  • To cultivate like a cacti.

Do not consume without medical advice.
Seeds of ethnobotanical and shamanic plant intended solely for the collection.

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Lagochilus inebrians INTOXICATING MINT (5 seeds)

Lagochilus inebrians INTOXICATING MINT (5 seeds)


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