Aristolochia elegans ELEGANT DUTCHMAN'S PIPE (5 seeds)


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Elegant Dutchman's pipe or Aristolochia elegans is a climbing plant of the family Magnoliaceae.
Aristolochia elegans is a beautiful tropical vine with beautiful flowers.
It is of Brazilian origin but she has become very popular in Australia.
The adult Aristolochia is 3 to 4 meters high.
Its flowers are speckled white with burgundy color.
Elegant Dutchman's pipe seeds are flat, they are similar to those of blue jacaranda or golden trumpet.

Foliage of Aristolochia elegans is persistent.
It is a vine that has a very fast growth.
Aristolochia elegans flowered from July to September.
Grow the Elegant Dutchman's pipe indoors or outdoors.
It is a beautiful unusual vine to come to discover just like the snake gourd or red passion flower.

Sowing Aristolochia elegans seeds:

For starters, soak aristolochia seeds in hot water for 24 hours.
Then sow seeds of Elegant Dutchman's pipe in a small box of fine soil, then cover them with one to two millimeters of substrate and water well.
Finally, put the aristolochia elegans culture in a warm place at a temperature close to 25 to 30 ° C.
The seeds of aristolochia elegans usually germinate after 15 days.

  • Very beautiful tropical liana.
  • Beautiful unusual flowering in summer.
  • Rapid growth.

Unusual and amazing plant seeds for sale to grow in the garden.


Tautologie élégant aristolochia

Très belle fleur de vingt cm

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Aristolochia elegans ELEGANT DUTCHMAN'S PIPE (5 seeds)

Aristolochia elegans ELEGANT DUTCHMAN'S PIPE (5 seeds)


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