Coleus blumei FLAME NETTLE (plant)


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Flame nettle also called Coleus blumei is an ornamental and ethnobotanical plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family.
It comes from the tropical forests of Asia, America, Africa and the Pacific Islands.
It is a magnificent plant with very decorative foliage and very rapid growth.
Its leaves are very colorful all year round just like those of wandering jew.
Its growth is rapid, it can grow a few cm per week in spring.
Coleus flowers are purple and appear in October.
Flame nettle seeds are very small and black in color, they resemble those of aztec tobacco.

Its leaves were used by the Mexican Mazatecs as a substitute for Salvia divinorum.
According to the Mazatecs, Salvia divinorum would be the female and Coleus blumei the male but no identification could be demonstrated.

Coleus blumei plant 10 to 15 cm high, delivered in a plug.
When you receive the Coleus plant, you will need to plant it in a pot with a substrate made from well-draining horticultural soil.
Use a draining material to put at the bottom of the pot such as clay balls or vermiculite.
Water the Flame nettle plant copiously as soon as it is planted, then leave it in a very bright place.
It is possible to prune your plant after approximately 6 months in order to branch it.

  • Beautiful ornamental and shamanic plant.
  • Simple culture, grows very quickly.
  • Blue flowers in autumn.
  • Very decorative foliage.

Do not consume.
To be collected only as an ethnobotanical plant.



Plante d'intérieur

Joli plant de coleus bien enracinée, a repris en croissance.

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Coleus blumei FLAME NETTLE (plant)

Coleus blumei FLAME NETTLE (plant)


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