Rivea corymbosa OLOLIUQUI, TURBINA (10 seeds)


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10 OLOLIUQUI or CHRISTMAS VINE seeds (Turbina, Rivea corymbosa)

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Turbina corymbosaRivea corymbosa or Christmas vine native throughout Latin America from Mexico and in the North to Peru.
Rivea corymbosa is a perennial climbing vine with white flowers, often planted as an ornamental plant.

Flowers of ololiuqui are white in summer.
Rivea corymbosa seeds are brown the size of that of the tamier.

Ololiuqui is a liana that has been used since time immemorial as a medicinal and shamanic plant.
The properties of the seeds being used both to formulate a diagnosis and to help find lost or stolen objects.

These seeds contain (like the Hawaiian baby woodrose, morning glory) alkaloids.
Rivea corymbosa seeds were used in shamanic rituals for its analgesic properties.
It is now used more often for magic or for divination.

Sowing Rivea corymbosa seeds:
Start by soaking your Ololiuqui seeds for 24 hours before putting them in an acidic substrate.
Then sow your Rivea seeds in small 10 x 10 cm pots separately.
It is better to take a seedbed, or a rather acidic substrate.
Finally, place your small pots in a greenhouse (30 ° C) to have an optimal germination rate.

Do not consume Turbina colymbosa seeds.
Plant to be cultivated for the ethnobotanical and shamanic plant collection only.




Hola .quiero comprar semillas de esta planta para mi jardín .604238260 .gracias un saludo

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Rivea corymbosa OLOLIUQUI, TURBINA (10 seeds)

Rivea corymbosa OLOLIUQUI, TURBINA (10 seeds)

10 OLOLIUQUI or CHRISTMAS VINE seeds (Turbina, Rivea corymbosa)

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