Arachis hypogaea PEANUT (10 seeds)


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PEANUT seeds

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Peanut, also called Arachis hypogaea in Latin, is a Mexican annual herb.
Its flowers are yellow and open at the end of summer at the base of the plant.
Its leaves are divided into several leaflets and resemble those of licorice.
Peanut seeds grow underground at the end of the year, like tiger nut.
It measures between 40 to 60 cm in height.

It grows very easily in any type of soil, sandy soil should be preferred.
It has no particular requirements, it will simply need a lot of sun to flourish well and a soil with a very draining substrate.

Seeds to be sown are extremely fresh, germination is very rapid (in only 3 or 4 days), be careful not to overwater the seedlings.
Let the soil dry well before watering.

Peanuts can be eaten crushed or ground in cakes, but also reduced into oil for salads, into paste for early breakfasts or even whole, grilled and salted to take as an aperitif.
It's easy and fun to grow your own peanuts.
What a pleasure to harvest and taste your own peanut production.

Planting time for fresh peanut seeds is from April.
Bury the seeds 1/2 cm deep in a box of fine potting soil or in 10 cm pots.
Cover the seeds then gently water the crop with a hand sprayer.
Place the box in a very warm place in a greenhouse at a temperature close to 30°C.
Peanut germination is very short, only a few days after sowing.

Once the peanut seedlings are 15 to 20 cm high, it will then be possible to plant them directly in the ground or in a large pot.

  • Very easy and fun culture.
  • Beautiful yellow flowers in late summer.
  • Abundant, easy and fun production.
  • Untreated reproducible seeds.

Also available as a plant to grow.
Condiment plant seeds to grow in the vegetable garden, in the ground or in a large pot.



Rien a dire, au top.

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Tres Bonne graines

Germination en 3 jours, excellent.
Graines de cacahuètes très fraiches.
À recommander!

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Arachis hypogaea PEANUT (10 seeds)

Arachis hypogaea PEANUT (10 seeds)

PEANUT seeds

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