Plumeria rubra RED FRANGIPANI, TEMPLETREE (10 seeds)


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10 RED FRANGIPANI /TEMPLETREE seeds (Plumeria rubra)

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Red Frangipani, templetree or Plumeria rubra is a shrub of the Apocynaceae family.
It is a bushy shrub native to Central America from Mexico and Venezuela.
Frangipani can reach 6 to 12 meters in height.

Templetree flower is one of the national symbols of Laos that bears the name of Dok Champa.
Its wood is used in marquetry.
Templetree is preparing very well for making bonsai.
Its fragrant red, pink or white flowers are edible and resemble tahitian gardenia flowers.
They are used in cooking and perfumery.
Its fruit is elongated in the shape of a pod, purple in color, then black in the size of wisteria chinese.
Red Frangipani seeds are brown in color and very similar to those of Tulip tree.

Templetree grows in a slightly acidic substrate rich in organic matter, well ventilated and especially with drainage.
The fertilizer is not necessary for frangipani, he will prefer a good repotting.

Sowing of templetree seeds:
Soak Plumeria rubra seeds 24 hours in hot water before planting.
Next, prepare moistened peat pots or fine horticultural potting soil and bury the frangipani seed leaving the thin part up and the pointed part down.
Do not cover the thin part of the substrate.
Sprinkle gently with a sprayer.
Finally, place Plumeria rubra in a warm, humid place, such as in a mini-greenhouse at a temperature of 30 ° C.
Germination of red frangipani seeds can take 2 to 4 weeks to germinate.

  • Beautiful tropical shrub.
  • Very beautiful pink flowering.
  • Easy to grow indoors or under mild climate.

Also exists as a plant to planting.
Exotic plant seeds for sowing in a greenhouse or in a mild climate.



Très belle plante tropicales

Le frangipanier est un arbuste exotique utilisé principalement en intérieur pour sa très belle floraison rose et son grand pouvoir ornemental.

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Plumeria rubra RED FRANGIPANI, TEMPLETREE (10 seeds)

Plumeria rubra RED FRANGIPANI, TEMPLETREE (10 seeds)

10 RED FRANGIPANI /TEMPLETREE seeds (Plumeria rubra)

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