Musa zebrina RED BLOOD BANANA (5 seeds)


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Red Banana, blood banana also called Musa zebrina is a variety of banana family Musaceae.
It is naturally found in Asia, especially in Indonesia.
Its size varies according to its location between 3 and 4 m height.
Blood banana seeds are small like those of plantain.

Its fruits, bananas are unfortunately not edible compared to Musa paradisiaca.
Leaves of Musa zebrina are spotted with red, the underside of the leaves is brown.
Red banana is not rustic, it is intended for an indoor culture.
For an outdoor crop, Musa sikkimensis or darjeeling banana is for you. (withstands -20°c)

Sowing Blood banana seeds:

Start by scarifying Red banana seeds lightly with sandpaper, then soaking Musa zebrina seeds for 24 hours in warm water to remove the dormancy of the seed.
Once seeds are soaked, prepare small pots of peat previously moistened then bury them under 0.5 cm deep, the round part down, the part from which the roots will come out.
Finally, water copiously and place the red tiger banana crop under a greenhouse at a temperature close to 35 ° C.
Red banana seeds usually germinate after 3 to 4 weeks.

  • Beautiful banana tree.
  • Rare and atypical tiger banana.
  • Tropical plant to grow in pot inside.
  • Flowered quickly from the second year.
  • Give an exotic side to your interior.

Unusual plant and seeds for sale to grow in the garden.



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Musa zebrina RED BLOOD BANANA (5 seeds)

Musa zebrina RED BLOOD BANANA (5 seeds)


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