Lycium barbarum GOJI BERRY, WOLFBERRY (25 seeds)


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Goji, also called wolfberry or Lycium barbarum in Latin, is a small bush native to the Himalayas and China of the nightshade family.
This shrub produces a small fruit resembling a small elongated cherry called goji berries.
Goji seeds are small, flat sizes and yellow in color like those of amaranth.

It is very appreciated for its taste (slightly sweet, slightly acidic) and in Asia it is believed to have medicinal virtues.
The goji berry is often presented as a superfruit due to its numerous health benefits.

It is also well known for its benefits on the body, like barbados cherry or aztec berry.

Goji is presented as being useful for its many therapeutic properties.

The most favorable period for sowing goji seeds is from March to the end of April for natural stratification.

It is also possible to stratify the seeds artificially by leaving them for 3 to 5 weeks in the refrigerator.
Then, sow goji berry seeds in a box made from horticultural soil.
Do not cover them then gently water the crop using a sprayer.
Finally, place the seedling box in a greenhouse at a temperature of at least 25°C.

Wolfberry germination will generally begin 3 to 5 weeks after stratification and sowing.

  • Very hardy shrub, resists cold well.
  • Acclimatizes perfectly well in Europe.
  • Produces many edible red berries.
  • Untreated reproducible seeds.
  • Has many medicinal properties.
  • Beautiful blue flowers in late summer.

Also available in bags of 500 for wholesalers or in the form of plants to grow.
Fruit plant seeds on sale to sow in a greenhouse and grow in the garden or in a pot.


Lyciet de Barbarie

J'ai un Lyciet en pot chez moi en Bretagne depuis quelques années.... J'ai eue ma 1 ère baie l'année passée !!! Mais je me demande pourquoi il perd ses feuilles... Pas assez d'eau? Le planter en pleine terre?


Taux de germination élevé

Le taux de germination est bon, la croissance est rapide une fois remporté.
La floraison violette est belle durant plusieurs mois. La fructification des baies de goji par contre est plutôt aléatoire.

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L'antioxydant par excellence

Les baies de goji sont très chargées en antioxydant, de plus c est une plante vivace extrêmement simple a faire pousser et sans entretien.
Je la recommande.

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Lycium barbarum GOJI BERRY, WOLFBERRY (25 seeds)

Lycium barbarum GOJI BERRY, WOLFBERRY (25 seeds)


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