Mucuna gigantea SEA BEAN (2 seeds)


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SEA BEAN seeds

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Mucuna gigantea or sea bean is a woody climbing plant of the family Papilionaceae.
It is also called snake vine because it crosses the tropical forest.
Mucuna gigantea is present in Asia, Japan, Australia, the Pacific Islands and Africa.
It is a magnificent exotic giant liana.
The flowers are white in the shape of a cluster.
Sea bean seed is as big as a bull's eye.

In traditional Indian medicine, the bark of sea bean is applied externally to treat rheumatism.
Mucuna gigantea seeds are powdered and used as a purgative in Hawaii.
The irritating hairs on the outside of the pods of this liana would be used for criminal poisoning in Malaysia.

Seeds of Mucuna gigantea are also used for the manufacture of ethnic jewelery as well as that of royal poincianadream bean or baybean.
It is a very beautiful seed considered lucky.

Sowing Mucuna gigantea seeds:

To begin, sea bean seeds must be scarified with sandpaper until the beginning of the cotyledon.
then soak the mucuna gigantea seeds in warm water for 12 hours.
Finally, bury the seeds in peat pots separately under 2 cm deep, water copiously and put the pots in a warm place at 30 ° C type greenhouse.
Sea bean seeds usually germinate after 2 to 3 weeks.

  • Very beautiful majestic tropical plant
  • Particularly beautiful seeds
  • Used for a long time for the manufacture of necklace and ethnic jewelry
  • Usually used as a lucky charm.

Exotic plant seeds to grow indoors or in a mild climate.


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Mucuna gigantea SEA BEAN (2 seeds)

Mucuna gigantea SEA BEAN (2 seeds)

SEA BEAN seeds

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