Illicium verum STAR ANISE (5 seeds)


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Star anise or Illicium verum in Latin is an exotic aromatic plant from Asia.
The star anise is part of the Illiciaceae family.
Its fruit is called star anise because it has a star shape with an anise scent.
Its flowers are white with a yellow center.
The leaves are thick and resemble those of the frangipani.

It is a spice whose aroma is more powerful than green anise.
This spice is part of the composition of the five-spice powder mixture.
It is used in Europe, particularly in the manufacture of pastis but also in gourmet cooking.

In pastries, it flavors traditional cakes and pancakes from the west of France.

In traditional medicine, it has many therapeutic properties.
Used as an infusion it is used for its benefits on the body just like Sichuan pepper or savory.

Sowing time for star anise seeds is from the end of May.

Sow the seeds in a tray of pre-moistened fine peat or in small pots.
Bury them 1 cm deep, pack gently then water using a sprayer.
Then place the culture in a greenhouse at a temperature close to 30°C.
Germination is relatively long, you generally have to wait 2 to 3 months before growth begins.

  • Very aromatic plant.
  • Produces a tasty and expensive spice.
  • Has many medicinal benefits.

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Livraison rapide, reste plus qu'à planter.

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Illicium verum STAR ANISE (5 seeds)

Illicium verum STAR ANISE (5 seeds)


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