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Dioscorea bryoniifolia BARBASCO (5 seeds)


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Dioscorea bryoniifolia, barbasco or camisilla is a climber from South America.
She is part of the family of Dioscoreaceaes.
This variety of Dioscorea bryoniifolia proposed here comes directly from Chile in South America.

Dioscorea was used primarily for these exhilarating properties as well as the sinicuichi or lion's tail it provides.
In South America, the Barbasco root is used for these nootropic properties.

Sowing Barbasco seeds:

Sow your Dioscorea seeds in a pre-moistened peat pot, then cover the seeds with 2-3 mm of substrate.
Sprinkle gently with a sprayer.
Finally, place your pot in a place where the temperature will be at least 20 ° C.
Germination of camisilla seeds usually lasts 4 to 6 weeks.

Do not consume.
Plant to be cultivated only for the preservation of this rare and ethnobotanical species.


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Dioscorea bryoniifolia BARBASCO (5 seeds)

Dioscorea bryoniifolia BARBASCO (5 seeds)


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