Adenium obesum DESERT ROSE / IMPALA LILY (10 seeds)


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10 IMPALA LILY / DESERT ROSE seeds (Adenium obesum)

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Impala lily, desert rose or Adenium obesum is a plant of the Apocynaceae family.
It is a shrub native to East Africa and Arabia.
Today, it is grown mainly in Asia as an ornamental plant.
Adenium seeds are orange and elongated like little sticks.

Desert rose is a succulent plant such as evergreen baobab trees that can grow up to 3 meters tall in their original habitat.
Its trunk forms a caudex resembling that of the ponytail palm.
It forms a kind of very large gray-green bulge located at the base of the trunk which serves as a body of water reserve and nutrient during the dry period.
Its flowers are pink of extraordinary beauty.

Sowing of Impala lily seeds:
Sow desert rose seeds in a box of fine soil mixed with sand, bury the seeds 0.5 cm deep.
Then spray the water gently over Adenium obesum seeds without drowning them.
Finally, place the crop in a greenhouse or mini-greenhouse at a temperature close to 25 to 35 ° C.
Germination of Adenium seeds will take place after one to two weeks.
Once the desert rose seedlings are 15 cm tall, it will be possible to plant them in larger pots and leave them in the bright light of the house.
Be careful never to over water the plants.

  • Beautiful exotic flowering.
  • Crop plant really easy, ideal for indoors.
  • Reproducible seeds without organic designation, untreated seeds.
  • Request very little maintenance and watering.
  • Excellent germination rate.

Rare and curious plant seeds for sale in greenhouses, indoors or in mild climates.




Bjr je viens de recevoir mes graines, elles sont déjà en place et bien au chaud, hâte de les voir pousser. A bientôt vous aurez de mes nouvelles. Merci


Très bien !

Réception très rapide,
semées des graines dès l'arrivée.



Comme toujours les graines d'Ethnoplants germent très vite. Mes petits Adenium se portent comme un charme!

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Taux de germination excellent

Graines de rose du désert semées dès la réception de la commande.
Elles ont toutes germées en quelques jours.
Je suis très satisfaite.
À recommander.

  • 6 out of 6 people found this review useful.

Merveille de la nature

Très belle plante d'intérieur aux fleurs roses.

  • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

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Adenium obesum DESERT ROSE / IMPALA LILY (10 seeds)

Adenium obesum DESERT ROSE / IMPALA LILY (10 seeds)

10 IMPALA LILY / DESERT ROSE seeds (Adenium obesum)

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