Ephedra fragilis JOINT PINE (10 seeds)


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Ephedra fragilis also called joint pine is an evergreen shrub.
It measures 1.8 m in height on average at adult size.
Ephedra grows mainly on the Mediterranean coast.
It is very hardy and resists temperatures of -12°C unlike Ephedra sinica which is much more fragile.

To cultivate it, joint pine requires a lot of sun, a very draining sand-based substrate or a loamy substrate with the addition of a little potting soil.
Its fruit is edible and measures approximately 1 cm in diameter.

Ephedra fragilis is used in the laboratory for its anti-asthmatic effect.
The plant contains various active alkaloids.
It is also used for its antiviral effects, particularly against influenza.
The stems of this plant dilate the bronchial vessels, while stimulating the heart and nervous system.

The period for sowing joint pine seeds is from the end of May until mid-July.

First, soak the seeds in lukewarm water for 12 hours to break dormancy.
Then, sow the seeds in a tray of sand and previously sifted soil.
Finally, cover the seeds under a few millimeters of sand then gently water the crop.
Find a place where the temperature will be around 20 to 30°C, a greenhouse will be perfect.

Germination of Ephedra seeds will begin 15 days after sowing.

Transplant joint pine seedlings when they are 10 to 15 cm high.

Do not consume without the advice of a doctor.
European plant seeds to grow for collection.




Semé il y a plus d'un mois dans la maison dans une barquette à semis simple et mis sous un néon avec effet chauffant. Après un peu plus d'un mois j'ai autour de 10 graines sur les 15 qui lèvent.

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Taux de germination très élevé de l’ordre de 90%, ce qui est rare pour des graines d’ephedra dans le commerce ! Pousse étonnamment rapidement, les graines peuvent êtres trempé et ou scarifiées pour accélérer la germination.

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Ephedra fragilis JOINT PINE (10 seeds)

Ephedra fragilis JOINT PINE (10 seeds)


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