Hypericum perforatum ST JOHN'S WORT (50 seeds)


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St. John's Wort or Hypericum perforatum is a European perennial of the family Hypericaceae.
It is a medicinal and aromatic perennial whose smell is similar to that of incense.

This flowers are yellow in color and appear in summer.
Hypericum perforatum is 20 to 100 cm tall.
This fruits are small capsules containing brown seeds.

This herb was used in the Middle Ages as a magical plant, in order to hunt evil spirits.
It was also used as healing to treat wounds and cases of dementia. ComfreyAloe vera and calendula are also excellent healing plants.

It is thought to be part of many traditional beverages.
This plant is now used as a treatment for mild to moderate depression and nervous fatigue.
It is the most prescribed antidepressant to date followed by Griffonia and Milk Thistle.

the whole plant of St John's wort dyed yellow or red, the flowers concentrate more dye.
In a classic bath they can give very delicate shades of orangey red.
This flowers infused into an alcoholic bath make a red dye, known by the popular name of St. John's blood, which by heating and oxidizing transmits to the wool a superb shade of green spring quite stable and very bright .

Sowing St. John's Wort seeds:

Sow this seeds in a box of pre-sieved potting soil, do not cover the seeds, then water with a sprayer.
Seed germination occurs about 2 to 4 weeks.
Once this seeds germinated, it will be necessary to transplant them when the plants will measure 10 to 15 cm of height directly to the garden in a place full sun.

  • Perennial flowering yellow summer.
  • Used since the Middle Ages as a medicinal plant.
  • effective plant against small depressions.

Do not consume without medical advice.
European plant seeds to grow.



Bonne germination

Bon taux de germination

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Bonne plante pour les aleas de la vie

J utilise principalement le millepertuis officinal en infusion contre les soucis du quotidien, il m'aide a faire la part des choses et a relativiser.

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Hypericum perforatum ST JOHN'S WORT (50 seeds)

Hypericum perforatum ST JOHN'S WORT (50 seeds)


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