Hyoscyamus niger BLACK HENBANE (plant)


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Black henbane or Hyoscyamus niger thrives on all types of soil.
It is very resistant to drought.
It's a biennial plant of the Solanaceae family.
It has various alkaloids such as atropine, hyoscyamine and scopolamine.

This esoteric plant has been used in Europe for ritual purposes, notably to enter altered states of consciousness: dilation of pupils, sensations of personality distortion, impressions of body heaving, mental confusion.
We find mention of magico-religious uses in several works.

Black henbane plant
7 to 20 cm high, delivered with a good root system.

Once received, transplant the plant into a 3 liter pot, use a good horticultural soil.
Remember to drain the bottom of the pot well so as not to rot the black henbane roots.

You can also grow black henbane directly in the ground in the garden in a sunny location.

  • Biennial plant 50 cm high.
  • Magnificent flowers during the summer period.
  • Downy foliage.

Ethnobotanical and shamanic plant to be cultivated only for the preservation of the species and for the collection of esoteric plants.
Do not consume.


Beau plant

Beau plant de jusquiame.

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Hyoscyamus niger BLACK HENBANE (plant)

Hyoscyamus niger BLACK HENBANE (plant)


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