Eucalyptus globulus TASMANIAN BLUE GUM (20 seeds)


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Tasmanian Blue Gum or Eucalyptus globulus is a tree in the Myrtaceae family.
This variety of eucalyptus is native to Australia and Tasmania.
In Europe, it has been planted extensively for the production of paper pulp, due to its very rapid growth.
Its flowers are white in color.
Eucalyptus globulus seeds are tiny, they resemble those of the Rainbow tree Eucalyptus.

This tree has been proclaimed the floral emblem of Tasmania.
The Latin name of the species globulus refers to the shape of the operculum of its fruit.

It has many very interesting medicinal benefits.
This tree prevents inflammation of the respiratory and digestive tracts.

The best time to sow Blue Gum tree seeds is from May until the end of July.
Prepare a box of very draining horticultural soil then
sow blue gum seeds on the surface of the substrate without burying them.
Use a sprayer and water gently, the seeds will then be buried naturally.
The seedling soil must always remain moist during germination.
Finally, use a greenhouse to increase the growing temperature and maintain constant humidity and heat.
The germination temperature should be at least 30 to 35°C.

Germination of Eucalyptus globulus seeds will begin 2 to 8 weeks after sowing.

  • Plant with many medicinal uses.
  • Untreated reproducible seeds.
  • Gives off a pleasant smell.
  • Beautiful white flowers.

Exotic plant seeds to be grown in a mild climate or in a garden greenhouse.


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Eucalyptus globulus TASMANIAN BLUE GUM (20 seeds)

Eucalyptus globulus TASMANIAN BLUE GUM (20 seeds)


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