Bauhinia purpurea ORCHID TREE (6 seeds)


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Bauhinia purpurea or orchid tree is a plant of the family Fabaceae as the persian silk tree.
It is an exotic plant whose flowering is exceptional.
At adult size, it can reach 6 meters in height.
He is from South China and Southeast Asia.

Orchid tree is so named because its flowers are very similar to that of the orchid.
Flowers of butterfly tree are very fragrant and are pink, variegated with purple, a real marvel.
It is a beautiful tropical ornamental plant.
Bauhinia purpurea seeds look like big lenses like those of Chinese wisteria.

Sowing orchid tree seeds:

Start by soaking Bauhinia purpurea seeds for 12 hours in warm water before sowing.
Meanwhile, prepare small pots of a mixture of horticultural compost finely sieved acid ph and then bury the seeds of orchids tree under 1 cm deep.
To finish, it will be necessary to water copiously the culture and to place the whole under glass at a temperature of 30 ° c minimum.
Orchid tree seeds will usually germinate after 3 to 4 weeks.
Once the plants of the orchid tree are 15 cm tall, they will need to be planted in larger pots and drain well.
The cultivation in the ground is possible under mild climate.

  • To cultivate under veranda indoors or under mild climate.
  • Very beautiful flowering in the shape of orchid.
  • Seed germination easy.

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Bjr j'ai reçu aujourd'hui mes graines et elles sont dans l me tarde de les planter. ! A bientôt. Vous aurez de mes nouvelles...bonne journée


Belle floraison sous climat doux

très belle plante semi exotique, se cultive sous serre ou véranda.
A rentrer l'hiver.

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Bauhinia purpurea ORCHID TREE (6 seeds)

Bauhinia purpurea ORCHID TREE (6 seeds)


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