Gunnera manicata CHILEAN GIANT RHUBARB (10 seeds)


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Giant rhubarb, Chilean rhubarb or Gunnera manicata in Latin is a plant of the family Gunneraceae.
it come from Brazil and Colombia.
It is a perennial plant of 3 meters in height which likes the fresh and semi shaded grounds.
Chilean Rhubarb is a very beautiful decorative plant in the garden.
Its size makes it a majestic and impressive plant.
Giant rhubarb bloom is red, the giant rhubarb seeds are tiny, round in shape, they resemble those of king of bitters or bleeding heart.

Gunnera manicata is a plant with very large and large leaves.
From the age of 3 and despite its South American origins, it can withstand temperatures down to -20 ° C if it is protected a little in winter.
The ideal is to protect the foot with a winter mulch.
The foliage of giant rhubarb is unfortunately not edible despite the name of giant rhubarb.

Sowing brazilian Chilean rhubarb seeds:

Start by soaking giant rhubarb seeds in water for 12 hours, then they should be buried in small pots of 5 cm side in a mixture of horticultural compost well draining 2 to 3 millimeters deep.
Water with a hand sprayer.
Finally, put the crop in a place where the temperature is close to 15 to 20 ° C.
Germination of this seeds is relatively long, predicting 4 to 9 weeks.

  • Gives an exotic side to the garden
  • Majestic semi rustic plant
  • Ideal for a location close to a body of water

Seeds of amazing and unusual plants on sale to cultivate in the garden.



Plante vivace impressionnante

Magnifique plante majestueuse.
Donne un côté très exotique au jardin.
Seul bémol, ne supporte pas les hivers trop rudes.

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Gunnera manicata CHILEAN GIANT RHUBARB (10 seeds)

Gunnera manicata CHILEAN GIANT RHUBARB (10 seeds)


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