Marrubium vulgare WHITE HOREHOUND (20 seeds)


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White horehound or Marrubium vulgare is a herbaceous plant from the Lamiaceae family.
This plant is native to Europe, Africa and Asia.
Horehound is a perennial plant with graying leaves slightly resembling peppermint.

The white horehound can reach 25 to 45 cm in height.
Its flowers are white and like many other Lamiaceae, the horehound has a square stem.
White horehound seeds are brown and resemble those of scarlet sage.

White horehound was traditionally used in the manufacture of remedies to treat coughs, bronchitis, colds and respiratory tract infections.
White horehound is also used to relieve pain.
Marrubium vulgare was also used to treat digestive disorders, lack of appetite, gas and bloating.

The best time to sow Horehound seeds is from March to the beginning of May.

It is initially recommended to stratify the Horehound seeds before germinating, either naturally by leaving your seeds outside, or artificially by leaving the seeds for 4 weeks in the refrigerator before cultivating.
Then, sow the white horehound seeds in a box of seedling soil without covering them.
Water the crop gently with a hand sprayer.
Finally, place the seedling box in a greenhouse at a temperature between 20 and 25°C.

Germination of horehound seeds will begin 2 to 4 weeks after sowing.

Finally, transplant the horehound seedlings into a sunny location when the plants are 5 to 10 cm high.

  • Beautiful gray plant, which gives an original appearance.
  • Has many medicinal uses.
  • White flowers in summer.
  • Untreated reproducible seeds.
  • Perennial plant, which grows back every year.
  • Easy cultivation, sunny exposure to partial shade.

Medicinal plant seeds to grow in pots or directly in the ground.



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Marrubium vulgare WHITE HOREHOUND (20 seeds)

Marrubium vulgare WHITE HOREHOUND (20 seeds)


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