Anthocephalus cadamba KADAM TREE / KADAMBA (10 seeds)


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Kadam tree, kadamba or Anthocephalus chinensis is a tropical tree of the family Rubiaceae.
It is found mainly in Asia.
Its leaves are light green, they recall that of Mitragyna speciosa.
Kadam flowers are very beautiful yellow and white balls.
Kadam seeds are tiny like those of Coryphantha.

Kadamba is the most frequently planted tree in the tropics.
A yellow dye is obtained from the bark of the roots, which makes it a very interesting dye plant.
Kadam flowers are an important raw material in the production of high quality perfume.
Its wood is used for the manufacture of plywood, pulp and for the manufacture of canoes just like that of kapok tree.

In medicine, Anthocephalus chinensis is used to fight against diabetes.
To date, several medications have come from this tree.

Seeding kadamba seeds:

To begin, you must prepare a small box of peat previously moistened, sprinkle Anthocephalus cadamba seeds over without covering them.
Then gently spray water and put the crop in a warm, moist place like a greenhouse.
The ideal temperature for seed germination should be at least 30 ° C.
Kadam seeds usually germinate between 15 to 30 days.

  • Very beautiful flowers in the shape of big yellow pompoms.
  • Rare tropical tree.
  • Wood sought for the manufacture of object.
  • Tree used in traditional medicine.

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Anthocephalus cadamba KADAM TREE / KADAMBA (10 seeds)

Anthocephalus cadamba KADAM TREE / KADAMBA (10 seeds)


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