Ceiba pentandra KAPOK TREE (10 seeds)


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Ceiba pentandra or kapok tree is a tree of the family Bombacaceae.
The Ceiba is a big tree of tropical zones.
He is from Java, South America, Central America and Africa.
Ceiba pentendra was a symbolic and sacred tree in Mayan mythology.
Kapok tree seeds are round, of gray color, reminding that of camphor or snakeroot.

The fine and silky hairs of the kapok tree are used to cover the seeds for kapok production.
Kapok is the vegetable fiber from the fruit of this tree, it usually replaces cotton tree.
It has the characteristic of being rot-proof and especially of being waterproof.
It is also called cheese because its wood is used to make cheese boxes.

Ceiba pentandra is used in traditional medicine in Africa, South America, West and South India, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia.

In the West Indies, the root was considered aperitive, the diuretic bark and green leaves in friction against hair loss.
In Cambodia, the roots are known to reduce fever and diarrhea.
In Indonesia, a leaf decoction is used against syphilis.
In Africa, this plant is known to treat headache, vertigo, constipation, mental disorders and fever.
Herbalists use the cheese in combination with other local herbs to treat hypertension and diabetes.

Sowing of kapok tree seeds:

Start by soaking your Ceiba pentandra seeds for 24 hours in warm water, then sow your kapok seeds in a box with acidic substrate such as peat.
Bury your kapok tree seeds under 4 to 5 mm of substrate and then water.
Finally, place your Ceiba seed box in a warm, moist place like a greenhouse.

  • Exotic tropical tree and majestic.
  • The trunk of the cheese is very original.
  • Product of kapok, sort of cotton.
  • Iconic tree of Guatemala.
  • Easy culture, grows very fast.

Do not consume without medical advice!
Ethnobotanical and shamanic plant from South America to collect.

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Ceiba pentandra KAPOK TREE (10 seeds)

Ceiba pentandra KAPOK TREE (10 seeds)


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