Heliconia collinsiana LOBSTER-CLAWS (5 seeds)


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Heliconia, lobster claws or winchu is a beautiful exotic plant of the family Heliconiaceae.
It is native to tropical America and some Pacific islands.
Heliconia has nearly 100 species native to America.
The red flowering is beautiful.
Seeds of Heliconia are brown in color, and are the size of those of darjeeling banana.

Many species are cultivated for their beautiful inflorescences of bright colors.
Heliconia is one of the most beautiful tropical plants in the world.
This extraordinary plant is cousin of Musa commonly called banana, which we also offer seeds (blood banana, plantain banana).
Heliconia is present in small quantities in the Amerindian ethnic drink.

Sowing Heliconia seeds:

Start by soaking your seeds 24 hours in warm water, then take a small pot of 10 x 10 cm per seed with peat previously moistened.
Plant your seeds of Heliconia under 1 cm deep, water copiously the first time.
Finally, place your pots in a greenhouse or mini-greenhouse at a temperature ranging from 25 ° C to 35 ° C.
The germination of winchu seeds takes on average 2 to 4 weeks.

  • Very beautiful exotic plant of interior.
  • Beautiful bloom, gives a tropical side to your interior.

Do not consume.
To be cultivated only as a tropical and exotic plant.


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Heliconia collinsiana LOBSTER-CLAWS (5 seeds)

Heliconia collinsiana LOBSTER-CLAWS (5 seeds)


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