Bambusa arundinacea SPINY THORNY BAMBOO (10 seeds)


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Spiny thorny bamboo, spiny giant bamboo or Bambusa arundinacea is a bamboo of the Poaceae family.
It is a bamboo that comes from Asia, especially China and India.
Its stems are yellow and has a multitude of small spades, they can make up to 15 cm in diameter.
It easily reaches 10 meters in a very short time.
Spiny thorny bamboo is mainly used for its medicinal properties.
Bambusa arundinacea seeds are yellow, they look like those of male bamboo but smaller.

Spiny thorny bamboo is particularly used in Ayurvedic and Indian medicine in case of acute or chronic rheumatism, brittle hair, fragile nails, fatigue and arteriosclerosis.
Its roots, leaves and buds are used in juice because it contains a lot of silica.
Spiny giant bamboo would also have aphrodisiac properties.
It is often used to treat back pain problems.

Bamboo apart from its medicinal use is also used to make pontoons, scaffolding, furniture and pulp.
It is a large bamboo that can be mixed with moso bamboo or calcutta bamboo.

Sowing Spiny thorny bamboo seeds:

You have to start by preparing a box of fine potting soil with fine sand
Sow the seeds of Bambusa arundinacea then cover them with half a centimeter of substrate and pack well.
Then water the bamboo crop well and place it under a mini-greenhouse at a temperature close to 30 ° C.
Spiny giant bamboo seeds usually germinate after 2 to 4 weeks.
Repot as soon as the bamboo seedlings reach 15 cm in height.

  • Bamboo large and original.
  • Has many interesting medicinal uses.
  • Variety of ornamental bamboo to plant for defensive use as a hedge.

Seeds of exotic and tropical plants to plant in the garden.
Do not consume without medical advice.







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Bambusa arundinacea SPINY THORNY BAMBOO (10 seeds)

Bambusa arundinacea SPINY THORNY BAMBOO (10 seeds)


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