Bixa orellana ACHIOTE / ANNATTO (20 seeds)


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AnnattoAchiote or Bixa orellana is a small tropical tree of the family Bixaceae.
Achiote makes very beautiful white flowers followed by red oval fruits.
Annatto seeds are used as a red dye in cosmetics.
This name in french is lipstick tree.

It has many medicinal properties, it is a very good antioxidant like wolfberry or sea buckthorn, it protects against ultraviolet rays of the skin, it relieves and heals skin diseases and burns.
Achiote tree is also very effective against insect bites.
It is an antibacterial, anti-emetic and the envelope of the fruit is deworming.
Leaves and roots of the annatto are used against headaches just like camphor or Anamu.

It was used by the so-called red-skinned Native Americans as a body paint to protect their skin against the sun, insects and evil spirits.

Start by scarifying the hull of each achiote seeds with pumice paper, then immerse your seeds in warm water for 24 hours.
Prepare a box of fine soil for sowing Bixa orellana seeds under 1 cm of substrate, finally, water with a sprayer.
Finally, place your seed box in a warm place at a temperature of 25 to 30 ° C.
Germination of this seeds takes about 2 to 6 weeks.

  • Very beautiful exotic plant.
  • Beautiful fruit of red color.
  • Full sun location, without special requirements.
  • Has many ethnic and medicinal uses.

Exotic plant seeds to grow indoors, under mild climate or as an annual plant.
Do not consume without medical advice.



Cultivo de Achiote

Muchas gracias,no sabía que tenía que remojarlas en agua tibia.

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Germées rapidement

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Conforme a la description

Reste plus qu'a le semer mon roucou.

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Bixa orellana ACHIOTE / ANNATTO (20 seeds)

Bixa orellana ACHIOTE / ANNATTO (20 seeds)


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