Sida cordifolia FLANNEL WEED, BALA (20 seeds)


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Flannel weed, Bala also called country mallow is a small plant of the Malvaceae family.
It is mainly found in India and Sri Lanka.
Sida cordifolia is 30 to 40 cm high, its flowers are yellow in summer.
This plant contains a stimulating alkaloid just like joint pine.
Flannel weed seeds are black, they look like those of apple of Peru or common rue.

Sida cordifolia is used in India under the name of Bala sometimes also called Khareti.
Its stimulating and exciting side are comparable to those of Ephedra.
The alkaloid contained in the plant is a recognized fat burner and thus gives more energy.
In medicine, this alkaloid relaxes the airways.

Sow Flannel weed seeds:

Start by soaking Bala seeds for 4 to 5 hours in warm water, then let them dry and sow the seeds in a mixture of fine soil + sand.
Bury flannel weed seeds with 1 or 2 millimeters of soil and tamp down.
Water gently with a hand sprayer.
Finally, place the crop in a warm place such as a greenhouse or mini-greenhouse at a temperature close to 25 ° C.
The germination of country mallow seeds takes about 3 to 6 weeks.

  • Plant easy to cultivate.
  • Slow growth.
  • Yellow flowers in summer.
  • Energizing and stimulating plant.
  • Reduces appetite and burns fat.

Also exists as a live plant to planting.
Seeds of ethnobotanical and shamanic plant to be cultivated for the plant collection.
Do not consume country mallow without medical advice.


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Sida cordifolia FLANNEL WEED, BALA (20 seeds)

Sida cordifolia FLANNEL WEED, BALA (20 seeds)


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