Nepeta cataria CATMINT / CATNIP (30 seeds)


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Catnip, catmint or Nepeta cataria is an aromatic and medicinal herb of the Lamiaceae family.
Its flowers are white and slightly violet.
This grass measures between 30 and 50 cm and flowers in summer and autumn.
Foliage has a particular smell that is unlike any other.
Its seeds are small, oval black in color with a white border, they are the size of those of white water lily or rosemary.

Romans cultivated it in the town of Nepeti, which probably earned it its Latin name.
This herb is native to Europe but has become acclimatized in North America.

She was recognized as having medicinal properties such as that of curing leprosy,
This medicinal herb is consumed as an infusion to help digestion and lower fever.
The taste is pleasant and its action makes it useful in case of influenza and fever of the child.

In external use, it relieves arthritis and rheumatism just like bryonyrosemary or sarsaparilla.

Catnip is so named because it attracts cats and intoxics.
The behavior of the cat changes suddenly and can last for several tens of minutes.
Animal rolls on the ground, stretches its limbs, saliva, scratches etc ...
Fortunately, this herb is absolutely not dangerous for cats, only the plant will be damaged love.
It is also possible to dry the leaves and then reduce them to powder to keep it.
Dry leaves can also be found on the internet.
Cats also appreciate the leaves of valerian.

Sowing of catnip seeds:

Sow the seeds in batches of 4 to 5 separately in a substrate based on good horticultural compost well draining.
Do not bury the seeds, they are too small, or only one millimeter.
Gently spray the crop with a sprayer.
Then place the pots in a warm, mini-greenhouse and let them sprout.
Germination lasts an average of 3 to 4 weeks.
When the seedling will make 10 cm, change the size of the pot or transplant them directly in the ground.

  • The best cat plants.
  • Has many medicinal uses
  • Perennial plant that repels every year
  • aromatic foliage whose smell is very pleasant.
  • Reproducible seeds and untreated.

Also available as a plant for sale to grow in pots or directly in the garden.
Medicinal plant seeds to germinate.


La vrai herbe à chat

Mon chat raffole de la cataire.
Il est préférable de diviser les plants après avoir fait le semis pour ne pas tout perdre lorsque votre chat se précipitera dessus.
Mes graines ont germées très rapidement.
Je recommande.

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Nepeta cataria CATMINT / CATNIP (30 seeds)

Nepeta cataria CATMINT / CATNIP (30 seeds)


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