Allium ursinum RAMSONS (3 bulbs)


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3 RAMSONS / WILD GARLIC bulbs (Allium ursinum)

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Allium ursinum, ramsons or wild garlic is a small herbaceous plant.
It is a plant that grows mainly in cool and humid undergrowth.
Its flowers are white in April.
This variety of wild garlic measures 20 to 50 cm in height.
Wild garlic bulbs are white.

When its foliage is rubbed, wild garlic gives off a strong smell of garlic like chives.
Its leaves are eaten in an omelet during the months of April and May.
Then, the plant flowers in June and goes into vegetative rest from June.
The bulbs are eaten like ordinary garlic except that it is much more pungent and strong in taste.
It is kept either in the refrigerator or outside in a pot of moist earth like Jerusalem artichokes.

Wild garlic bulbs were also used by the Celts and Germans.

Nowadays, the pods have regained a strong popularity thanks to its medicinal properties.

Planting wild garlic bulbs:
As soon as you receive the bulbs, plant them in a cool, humid place in partial shade.
If possible in a rather basic soil.
It is recommended to plant the bulbs under 10 cm deep.
Once planted, water the crop and let the pods grow.

Namely that the wild garlic leaves arrive from mid-March until the end of May, then it is the time of its flowering until June.
From July to March, this plant is in vegetative rest, it is during this period that the bulb regenerates and divides.
Lot of 3 ramsons bulbs.




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bulbes d'ail des ours reçu rapidement et en bon état.

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Allium ursinum RAMSONS (3 bulbs)

Allium ursinum RAMSONS (3 bulbs)

3 RAMSONS / WILD GARLIC bulbs (Allium ursinum)

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