Proboscidea parviflora DEVIL'S HORN (7 seeds)


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Devil's horn or Proboscidea louisianica in Latin is a creeping plant of the martyniaceae family.
Not to be confused with Martynia which has a completely different fruit.
It is found naturally in the southwest of the United States, Mexico and North America.
Its flowers are pink.
Its seeds are white and resemble those of horned melon.

It is an annual herb about 80 centimeters long.
Its leaves are covered in glandular hairs carrying tiny oil droplets, making it oily to the touch.
This oil is generally used to capture insects.
As a result, it is part of the family of rare carnivorous plants.

Its very unusual fruits are shaped like an enormous horn, hence its name devil's horn.
They are used in table decoration and basketry designs.

The best time to germinate devil's horn seeds is in June and July when the nights are warm enough.
To begin, soak them for 12 hours in hot water to awaken dormancy.
Then, use a substrate made from potting soil and sand when sowing.
Bury them 1/2 cm deep then pack and gently water the crop.
Finally, it is important to keep the plantation warm at a temperature of 35 to 40°C.

Its germination will begin 2 to 6 weeks after planting.

  • Very beautiful rare species to grow in full sun.
  • To be sown in a hot greenhouse.
  • Original fruits.
  • Reproducible, untreated seeds.

Unusual plants to grow in a greenhouse, veranda or in a mild climate.




plante proto carnivore et non carnivore


Griffe du diable

Livraison rapide, graines de qualités.

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Proboscidea parviflora DEVIL'S HORN (7 seeds)

Proboscidea parviflora DEVIL'S HORN (7 seeds)


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