Lippia dulcis AZTEC SWEET HERB (plant)


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AZTEC SWEET HERB live plant (Lippia dulcis)

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Phyla, Lippia dulcis or Aztec sweet herb is a species of perennial herb that is native to southern Mexico, the Caribbean (Cuba, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico), Central America, Colombia, and Venezuela.

It is known by several common names, including Aztec Sweet Herb, Bushy Lippia, Honeyherb and Hierba Dulce.

Lippia dulcis has historically been used as a natural sweetener and medicinal herb in its native Mexico and parts of Central America. 
It was used by the Aztecs and introduced to the Spanish when they arrived.

The sweet taste is caused by a sesquiterpene compound called hernandulcin, which was discovered in 1985.



Beau petit plant de sucre des aztèques

Reste plus qu'à bien le faire pousser.



Belle plante,très bien emballée pousse vite et possède une odeur caractéristique !

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Lippia dulcis AZTEC SWEET HERB (plant)

Lippia dulcis AZTEC SWEET HERB (plant)

AZTEC SWEET HERB live plant (Lippia dulcis)

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