Trichocereus, Echinopsis pachanoi SAN PEDRO CACTUS (10 seeds)


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Trichocereus, Echinopsis pachanoi, San Pedro cactus or Wachuma is a Peruvian cacti.
It is elongated and grows very fast.
This cactus is native to the Peruvian Andes and can reach 3 to 8 meters in height.

Trichocereus pachanoi is used in traditional medicine and to treat animals.
It has also been used for about 3000 years in the Andean region for shamanic or divinatory ritual ceremonies.
It contains an alkaloid just like the Peruvian torch and the Bolivian torch but in less quantity.

San Pedro Cactus is consumed for divination purposes.
Its effects are similar to those of other shamanic cacti.

Wachuma cactus is considered to be entheogenic and is the object of a very ancient ritual use.
Archaeological studies have shown the medical use of Echinopsis pachanoi since 2000 years by the Moche Indians of the Andean Cordillera.

Echinopsis pachanoi nevertheless cures nerve, cardiac or circulatory diseases, hypertension, articular problems.

Trichocereus pachanoi stalk is sold sliced ​​on the market stalls for the purpose of being boiled to obtain a decoction often containing other plants rich in atropine such as angel trumpet or devil's berries.

Sowing San Pedro cactus seeds:

Sow your wachuma seeds in a box of sand and fine potting soil, cover with a single millimeter and then spray with a spray.
Finally, place your tray in a warm and slightly humid place at a temperature close to 30 ° C.
The seeds of Trichocereus pachanoi usually germinate between 2 and 3 weeks.

  • Beautiful long cactus.
  • Very fast growth.
  • Very beautiful flowering.
  • Medicinal and shamanic cacti.

Do not consume.
Shamanic and ethnobotanical cactus to collect only.


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Trichocereus, Echinopsis pachanoi SAN PEDRO CACTUS (10 seeds)

Trichocereus, Echinopsis pachanoi SAN PEDRO CACTUS (10 seeds)


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