Uncaria guianensis CAT'S CLAW (10 seeds)


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10 CAT'S CLAW seeds (Uncaria guianensis)

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Uncaria guianensis or cat's claw is a tropical vine of the family Rubiaceae.
It is a climbing plant from Peru.
In Spanish, it is called Uña de gato which means cat's claw because of the small claw-shaped stems at the base of its leaves.
Flowers are pink in the shape of balls.
Cat's claw seeds are tiny and orange, they look like those of kratom.

It is a medicinal creeper from Peru, which grows on the pristine lands of the Amazon rainforest.
The plant is used in traditional medicine by the Ashaninka, an ethnic group from the Peruvian Amazon, to treat deep wounds, to relieve joint pain as well as Indian ginseng, bone pain and kidney problems.

Sowing seeds of Uncaria:
Sow your cat's claw seeds in a box of peat previously moistened.
Do not cover them.
Water with a sprayer then cover the box with food film to keep moisture.
Lastly, place your cat claw plant culture in a bright, warm place.
Temperature must be at least 30 to 40 ° C.
Uncaria seeds usually germinate after 3 to 4 weeks.

- Very rare climbing plant.
- Has many medicinal uses.
- Unusual pink flowering.

Do not consume without medical advice.
Medicinal plant to grow under greenhouse or indoors.


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Uncaria guianensis CAT'S CLAW (10 seeds)

Uncaria guianensis CAT'S CLAW (10 seeds)

10 CAT'S CLAW seeds (Uncaria guianensis)

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