Lippia, Phyla dulcis AZTEC SWEET HERB (20 seeds)


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20 AZTEC SWEET HERB seeds (Lippia dulcis / Phyla dulcis)

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Aztec sugar, aztec sweet herb or Phyla dulcis is a tropical perennial herb.
It belongs to the Verbenaceae family.

Lippia dulcis is a creeping plant native to Mexico and Venezuela.
It produces small white flowers all year round.
Aztec sweet herb seeds are small yellow in color and resemble those of maca or black nightshade.

Aztec sugar has long been known in South America.
It was used by the Aztecs under the name of Tzonpelic xihuitl, meaning sweet grass.
Lippia dulcis has historically been used as a natural sweetener and as a medicinal herb in Mexico.

Phyla dulcis has a much higher sweetening power than sucrose and does not provide any calories. (like sugarleaf)
Its roots have a taste of licorice.
Its mint flavored leaves are used for desserts or to sweeten infusions or tea.
In traditional medicine, Aztec sugar is consumed to evacuate bronchial mucus.

Sowing Aztec sweet herb seeds:
Sow your seeds of Lippia dulcis in a pot of fine soil previously moistened, cover with 1 mm of fine soil and then water with a sprayer.
Finally, place your pot in a warm place whose temperature should be between 30 and 35 ° C.
Aztec sugar seeds usually germinate after 2 to 3 weeks.

- Easy culture.
- Grows fast in any soil.
- Very aromatic leaves.

Also exists as a live plant to grow.


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Lippia, Phyla dulcis AZTEC SWEET HERB (20 seeds)

Lippia, Phyla dulcis AZTEC SWEET HERB (20 seeds)

20 AZTEC SWEET HERB seeds (Lippia dulcis / Phyla dulcis)

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