Tagetes lucida MEXICAN TARRAGON (20 seeds)


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Tagetes Lucida, Mexican tarragon or Yauhtli is a fragrant herbaceous plant native to Mexico.
Mexican Tarragon can reach a height of 50 cm.
Its leaves are punctuated with small glands containing an essential oil.
It has a yellow flowering throughout the summer.
Tagetes lucida seeds are fine and slightly resemble those of the Pampas grass.

Mexican tarragon is a medicinal plant but also used for its nootropic properties.
The Tagetes lucida has a very sweet taste of anise thought of star anise.
In Mexico, the herb is used as tea to soothe stomach ache, to relax, and or to reduce the symptoms of a hangover.

Tagetes lucida is also used in Mexican shamanic rituals by drinking several infusions of leaves, just like the dream herbs.

It is also used as a flavor agent in soups, sauces etc.

Sowing Mexican tarragon seeds:

Sow your seeds in a box of fine soil, cover with 1 mm only, water and place all under a greenhouse at 25 or 30 ° c.
Yauhtli seeds will germinate under its conditions, if the temperature is lower, Mexican tarragon seeds will remain dormant until the temperature is sufficiently high.

  • Perennial plant, but does not resist frost, to return the winter.
  • Very beautiful yellow flowers from May to October.
  • Has a very pronounced smell and taste of anise.
  • Very good medicinal plant effective.

Do not consume without medical advice
To be collected only as an ethnobotanical and shamanic plant.

Also available as a live plant to grow directly in the garden.



Plante très aromatique

La Tagetes lucida est très aromatique.
L infusion des feuilles procure un bien être général du corp.
Ne pas abuser du dosage ( 5 ou 6 tasses d'un coup) car elle procurerait des hallucinations visuelles.

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Tagetes lucida MEXICAN TARRAGON (20 seeds)

Tagetes lucida MEXICAN TARRAGON (20 seeds)


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