Lobelia inflata INDIAN TOBACCO (20 seeds)


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Lobelia inflata or Indian Tobacco is a species of Lobelia native to eastern North America, from southeastern Canada.

Lobelia inflata is an annual or biennial herbaceous plant growing to 15–100 centimetres, with stems covered in tiny hairs.
Its leaves are usually about 8 centimetres long, and are ovate and toothed.
Lobela inflata has violet flowers that are tinted yellow on the inside, and usually appear in mid summer and continue to bloom into fall.
Lobelia inflata seeds are minuscule, they are same those of edelweissSt. John's wort or wormwood.

Lobelia inflata has a long use as an entheogenic and emetic substance.
Indian Tobacco, also known as pukeweed is still used today.
It can be used fresh, or dry.
Lobelia inflata was used by American Indians during ceremonies, they consumed it for the nootropic powers in the same way as SinicuichiGotu-kola or Mexican tarragon.

Native Americans used lobelia to treat respiratory and muscle disorders, and as a purgative. The species used most commonly in modern herbalism is Lobelia inflata (Indian tobacco).

Sowing Indian tobacco seeds:

Sow your seeds in a box of fine compost, sprinkle the seeds without covering them.
Spray with a sprayer, then place the seed tray under mini-greenhouse.
The seed germination of Lobelia inflata usually lasts between 2 and 4 weeks.
Once your Indian tobacco seedlings are 3 to 4 cm long, place them in a pot or directly in the ground.

  • Very beautiful violet flowering.
  • Has many medicinal uses.

Do not consume.
Plant intended solely for collections of ethnobotanical and shamanic plants.


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Lobelia inflata INDIAN TOBACCO (20 seeds)

Lobelia inflata INDIAN TOBACCO (20 seeds)


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