Gloriosa superba FLAME LILY (10 seeds)


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Glory or flame lily or Gloriosa superba is a plant of the family Liliaceae.
It is an ornamental climbing plant native to tropical Africa and India.
Its flowers are particularly beautiful, they are yellow in the center and then pink at the end of the petals.
Flame lily have streaks at the end of the leaves, serving as a hook for climbing.
Its fruit is long, much like that of sandalwood.
It has a large rhizome that goes dormant in autumn like water lily.

Glory lily is planted at the base of a fence, arbor or pergola.
It will climb and beautify the living environment.
Gloriosa superba nonetheless possesses a toxic substance.
Be careful with children and pets.

Sowing Gloriosa superba seeds:

Start by soaking glory lily seeds 6 to 12 hours in warm water and sow them under 5 millimeters of acid ph substrate.
For the container, it will be necessary to use small pots of 5 X 5 cm and to take peat previously humidified.
Then, gently water the Gloriosa culture using a hand-held sprayer.
Finally, place the small pots in a warm place at a temperature close to 30 ° C.
Seeding of flame lily seeds usually takes 3 to 5 weeks after sowing.

  • Very beautiful climbing plant
  • Beautiful red and yellow flowers.
  • Perennial tropical plant

Seeds of tropical and exotic plants for sale, to plant in pots or in mild climate.



La plus belle des plantes grimpantes

Le lis de malabar est une plante grimpante aux fleurs spectaculaires.


Une très belle plante grimpante

Le Gloriosa est une liane tropicale à cultiver en intérieur dans une situation lumineuse.
Elle fleuri généralement en fin d'été.
Les fleurs sont splendides.

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Gloriosa superba FLAME LILY (10 seeds)

Gloriosa superba FLAME LILY (10 seeds)


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