Theobroma COCOA / CHOCOLATE TREE (5 seeds)


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Theobroma cacao, cocoa or chocolate tree is a small evergreen tree of the family Sterculiaceae.
Its yellow or red fruits grow directly on the trunk and branches of the tree.
Cocoa flowers are white with yellow in the middle.
Cocoa tree is a tropical species native to Mexico domesticated about 3,000 years ago, most likely initially for the making of an alcoholic beverage and then for the manufacture of chocolate.

Theobroma cacao was traditionally used by the Aztecs of Mexico to make chocolate, a mixture of cocoa, water and spices, used especially during ethnic ceremonies.
After the Spanish invasions, it will be imported to Europe, and mixed with milk, to give another drink that will also be called chocolate.
His success was immediate.

Stimulant and anti-depressant natural as the kola nut or Griffonia, the cocoa contains theobromine (an alkaloid present of 1.5 to 3% in the bean) and anandamide, nevertheless the quantities are weak.
The magnesium it contains would fight against depression.

Sowing cocoa seeds:

Begin by preparing pots of potting soil with acidic seed previously moistened.
Then plant your cocoa beans under 1 cm of substrate.
water copiously at the plantation, then leave your crop in a very hot and humid place, if possible at a temperature of 35 to 40 ° c.
Use a greenhouse or mini-greenhouse to accelerate germination.
Cocoa seeds usually germinate after 2 to 4 weeks.

  • Very beautiful exotic plant.
  • Seeds producing cocoa then chocolate.
  • Culture and germination relatively difficult.

Exotic and tropical plant seeds to grow in greenhouse or indoors.
Can not withstand temperatures below 15 ° C.


Want to buy cocoa.

Do you provide Dilvery to pakistan of cocoa plants or seeds?

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Theobroma cocoa

I want a plant and seeds please chocolate?

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Est ce que vous envoyé au Québec ?

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Belles graines de cacao

Bien reçu, merci

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5 semillas de cacao

Es posible mandarme 5 semillas de cacao y una explicación de la forma de plantarlas, Lo pagaría contrarembolso

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Theobroma COCOA / CHOCOLATE TREE (5 seeds)

Theobroma COCOA / CHOCOLATE TREE (5 seeds)


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