Sambucus nigra BLACK ELDERBERRY (20 seeds)


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Elderberry, Black elderberry or Sambucus nigra is a shrub of the family Adoxaceae.
Its flowers are white from May to June.
Sambucus nigra is one to ten meters tall.
He grows at the edge of the forest, he likes a half-shade exhibition.
Black elderberry fruits are edible and black in color, the taste resembles blackberry and grapes.
Elderberry fruit are harvested in August.
Elderberry seeds are elongated and brown in color, similar to those of the strawberry tree.

Black elderberry has been a popular medicinal plant since ancient times.
It is integrated with the pharmacopoeia of Ayurvedic medicine in India.
Sambucus nigra is known for its diaphoretic properties, ideal for treating various diseases and other rebellious coughs.
In medicine, it is consumed in the same way as the white horehound or Mallow.

Elderberry flowers like chinese wisteria can also be eaten in donuts.

In biological control, black elderberry manure is useful in organic gardening to fight downy mildew and aphids.
This manure also has the power to repel rodents (mice, field mice and voles).
To do this, simply macerate 1 kg of Sambucus nigra leaves for a few days in 10 l of water, and spray it in his garden.

Sowing black elderberry seeds:

Begin by stratifying the seeds of Sambucus nigra naturally by sowing in autumn or artificially by leaving the seeds for 3-4 weeks in the refrigerator.
Next, sow the seeds in a small box of fine potting soil, cover with one to two millimeters of soil and then water gently with a sprayer.
Finally, place the seed box at a temperature of 20 ° C.
Germination of black elderberry seeds occurs 2 to 3 weeks after sowing.

  • Medicinal plant with multiple properties
  • Edible flowers and fruits
  • Semi-shade location, very rustic plant
  • Do not consume without medical advice.

Useful plant seeds for sale in the garden, to cultivate in a half shade place see in the sun.



Le sureau pour combattre la fièvre.

J'utilise les fleurs de sureau en infusion pour faire baisser la fièvre.
Plante plutôt efficace.

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Sambucus nigra BLACK ELDERBERRY (20 seeds)

Sambucus nigra BLACK ELDERBERRY (20 seeds)


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